Bringing life back to the city center...

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The Gogaille concept offers, in the heart of the city, a multifonctionnal accomodation adapted to each travelers as well as an authentic French covered market allowing people to gather around. 


Have you ever experienced the charm of an old French covered market?
That special place in the center of town where people would gather around the local merchants to taste the region’s specialties or just to chat. Now imagine holding onto the best of these memories to inspire a new way of thinking about a place, a new way of living.

Where great buildings once stood, playing an essential role in the history of cities, GOGAILLE has set up shop. Bringing new energy into spaces, lovingly preserving the traces of those who have passed through and creating a new and vibrant atmosphere where people continue to meet, cross paths and share slices of life as time goes by.


GOGAILLE upholds essential human values and endeavors to reconnect local cultures.

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It’s the city centerhotel bringing life back to the town.     

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A lifestyle brand for a midscale property with a minimum of 40 guest rooms, between 15 and 17 square meters in size, as well as a dynamic shared space with restaurants, workspaces and shops open to the city. That is Gogaille’s challenge. All within an approach that’s both socially and environmentally responsible.

Our properties are equipped with sensors that measure and control energy consumption, resulting in savings (short ROI) and novel guest experiences (temperature preferences, etc.).

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Let your true nature take over

Logo du Hamo et la nature reprend ses droits


Just outside Paris lies Le HAMO, a 500-acre escape where you can get away from it all—hassle-free and with no time wasted. 

In need of a few moments of simplicity and some quality time? We’ve created a unique alternative for you, one that will transform your daily life, whether it’s with family, friends or at work. 

Le Hamo’s mission:
providing urban dwellers with spaces close to major cities but surrounded by nature. A unique way to disconnect and focus on the essentials: family, friends and yourself.

enfant qui regarde ses mains dans un champs de blé
Femme qui lit dans un lit en buvant un thé, avec des chaussettes


Le Hamo is a brand embodied by a unique location at the outskirts of Paris.

Large open rooms, nuanced decor. Reading by the fire, conversations about changing the world, games and laughter. At Le Hamo, you make your own memories. With 82 guest rooms and lofts, two restaurants, a wellness area, two swimming pools and a kids club, Le Hamo was designed for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.