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Customized next-generation operational management and optimized profitability.


Skeypper helps hoteliers turn capital-intensive and cumbersome processes into new, highly agile solutions. 

We support our clients in their decision-making by working with the best partners on the market to carry out all the studies and steps necessary to get projects up and running.

SKEYPPER kicks in the moment an idea emerges from a project leader’s notebook and then follows him or her through all stages, right up to the opening.


A property’s operational management involves adhering to strict rules, and administrative and bureaucratic tasks often overshadow what lies at the heart of the business: welcoming guests and providing quality service.

Through our teams’ expertise, we bring together all the skills required to ensure optimal hotel management: human resources, revenue management, financial control, operational monitoring, etc.

We are reshaping hospitality business solutions by offering a B2B platform for managing and advising hotel industry players in Europe.

We implement our working methods and technological solutions, enabling optimization and profitability.

We advocate a hands-on management style that focuses on people. We support our properties’ managers on a daily basis, not only in their operational tasks but also in providing them with a long-term vision.